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Chase English Potato Vodka

Chase English Potato Vodka

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70cl. 40%vol.
Named after William Chase, the founder, Chase Distillery is a family run business in Herefordshire and this was the first product to be made at the distillery in 2008. It is still the first and only British potato vodka in the world.
Made with potatoes grown on their own farm, the vodka is distilled five times in a copper batch pot and 70ft copper rectifying column to 96% ABV. Water from the aquifier beneath the orchards is then added to bring it down to 40%ABV. It is then cill filtered and bottled by hand.
The final spirit is really pure, extremely smooth, soft and naturally sweet.
It occassionally comes presented in a beautiful hinged box which proudly displays a Union Flag as the opening tab.
"When you are proud of making something put your name on it."