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Shackleton / Whyte & Mackay

Shackleton / Whyte & Mackay

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This is really something special.
A meticulous re-creation of the original malt whisky shipped to Antarctica in 1907 by Shackleton to fortify his "Nimrod" expedition, this select dram has been a long, long time in the making.
A century after they were left under Shackleton's hut, three wooden crates were discovered in the ice by the New Zealand Heritage Trust and a single crate was flown to Christchurch and a faithful re-creation was begun. The result has been acclaimed as a unique and very special whisky. Even the labelling and crate have been painstakingly re-created and a booklet revealing the whole story is included.
A few quotes:
The Shackleton whisky is not what I expected at all, and not what anyone would have expected. It’s so light, so fresh so delicate and still in one piece – it’s a gorgeous whisky.

I think the replication is absolutely bang on. Richard has done a great job as it’s a very tricky whisky to replicate. I’m blown away - Dave Broom (The only independent whisky expert who tasted the original and the replica !)

When I saw this stunt coming I cocked my gun, but now I rather think the brand owners deserve flowers….the recreation is excellent – Malt Maniacs

No wonder Ernest Shackleton chose Mackinlay’s to take to the South Pole - Whisky Forum

I do know that this is stunning, a world class 90 plus whisky. If anyone ever wants to understand the sophisticated nature of great blending this is it - Dominic Roskow
Treat yourself or someone special.
Included is a free book, "Shackleton's Whisky" by Neville Peat worth £16.99, telling the stories of both the expedition and the re-creation of the whisky.